Organisation Profile

Persatuan Matematik Olympiad Malaysia (PERMATO) is a non-profit organization of mathematics teachers committed to develop and promote excellence in Mathematics Olympiad education and training in Malaysia.

PERMATO was founded in 1996 and successfully registered under Registry of Society Malaysia (Ministry of Home Affairs Malaysia) under Education Profession categories.

PERMATO institutionalizes excellence in mathematics education and training in Malaysia to upgrade the discipline to meet international standards and to provide the syllabus, teaching manpower for Mathematics Olympiad.

Meanwhile, we had intensively trained more than 100 Mathematics Olympiad teachers and successfully carried out training class in more than 100 primary and secondary school in Peninsular Malaysia.


  • Compile, write and disseminate reports, papers, books and instructional materials and aids in mathematics education and training.
  • Search and train mathematically gifted students to reach their fullest potential.
  • Develop, initiate, direct and supervise an intensive and comprehensive training program to supplement and enrich the existing mathematics curriculum and programs in the school.
  • Organize and manage seminar-workshops, conferences and symposia to assist teachers and trainers in their teaching and research techniques and methods.
  • Assist public and private schools in identifying, sponsoring and assisting gifted students and their trainers to participate in regional and international competitions.
  • Involved in regional and international major Mathematics Competition